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Walking shirt


Well prepared at the start

Good preparation for the Tuincentrum Leurs Walking Tour is of course important. Not only in terms of training, but also in terms of equipment. Whatever distance you walk, good equipment is the basis for a comfortable walk. Get advice on this from a specialist retailer.

Walking clothes

Good hiking clothes are indispensable. Hiking clothes should be comfortable and suitable for all weather conditions. Good hiking clothes must:
* be wind-resistant
* repel water
* breathe
* transport perspiration
* be lightweight
* be pleasant to wear

Listen to your body and try out during training what you do or do not like in terms of clothing. Runners often dress too warmly and suffer from the heat while walking, so keep this in mind. Important: The weather in the Netherlands is often changeable, so keep an eye on the weather forecasts and adjust your clothing accordingly.

Kwaakerrun polo shirt

So if you want to cross the finish line functionally but also in style during the Tuincentrum Leurs Walking Tour, order the 10-year anniversary edition now in our webshop or during your registration. Need help choosing the right size? Please use the size charts below.


Shoes & socks

Even more important than good clothing is a good pair of hiking boots. Get advice on this from a specialist retailer. You can also have a walking analysis done there if you wish. A pair of good shoes prevents injuries to, for example, your foot, ankle or knee. But back and neck injuries can also be the result of wrong or outdated shoes.

Also think of good socks! Hiking socks have fewer seams than ordinary socks to minimise the risk of irritation. They are made from the most modern materials, for optimal moisture regulation.


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