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Walking ABC

Walking ABC

Atmosphere points
During the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun weekend, various atmosphere points are set up. Jam bands, choirs, drum bands and all other music groups that increase the atmosphere are spread over these locations. You can find more information on our atmosphere page.

Beverage stations
During the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk, there will be the opportunity to buy some drinks at the break point. There will also be several snack sponsors along the way who will have some delicious food ready for you.


With your starting pack you will find a cut card and key cord. During the Tuincentrum Leurs Walking Tour these will be cut at several points by our volunteers and with a fully cut card you will receive a nice souvenir at the finish.

Collection of starter package
Participants who do not receive their starter pack can pick it up the week before the event, from Monday to Thursday, at the Venloop office at Koninginnesingel 14 in Venlo. The office is open between 08.30 and 17.00.Participants who do not receive their starter pack can pick it up the week before the event, from Monday to Thursday, at the Venloop office at Koninginnesingel 14 in Venlo. The office is open between 08.30 and 17.00.

If the participant is unable to take part in the event, the entry fee paid will be refunded minus an administration fee of € 5 for cancellations received by us at least two weeks before the event. For cancellations less than two weeks before the event, the entry fee paid will not be refunded. This is also in accordance with our terms and conditions. It may therefore be better to find someone yourself who is willing to take over your starter pack.

Cutting cards
Your cut-off card will be sent to your home address or will be available at the Venloop office. You can find your choice in the confirmation email you received after registering. The purchasing card also includes a key cord so you can easily take it with you during the walk.

Dogs are not allowed during the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk.


Enjoy the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk. It is a unique event with an enthusiastic crowd.

During the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk, permanent and mobile first aid teams will be used.

All walkers must finish on Saturday before 15:15 P.M.


For booking a hotel stay we refer to Van Der Valk Hotel Venlo

Information point

The information point is located on the Pastoor Kierkelsplein near the Bantuin in 't Ven. On Saturday, the information point is staffed from 9:00 to 15:30 and on Sunday from 9:30 to 14:30.

Lost & found

If you have lost something during the event, please contact municipality Venlo for found objects.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking sticks are not allowed during the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk.

On Saturday it is not possible to park your car on the parking lot near the Bantuin. You can park in the parking spaces and the streets of 't Ven.

Registration desk

In the week prior to the event, the start numbers can be picked up at the Venloop office at Koninginnesingel 14 in Venlo.

The route of the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk runs through beautiful natural areas in our municipality. You can download and view the route on our website in due course. The route of the Tuincentrum Leurs walk is signposted. Do not leave any rubbish behind. Venlo clean, very normal!

Rest Points
At various places along the route, the organisation will set up rest and atmosphere points. These points will be equipped with various facilities, such as toilets and seating. There will also be a number of sales points where you can get a cup of coffee, tea or soft drink and/or something to eat. Should you wish to make use of these, please make sure to bring cash along.

All participants in the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk are not only walkers but also ordinary road users. So please be considerate of other traffic participants and use the pedestrian paths if possible.

Sanitary facilities
The sanitary facilities are located near the start location. Check the running track or the walking track for the exact location. 

Sending the starting number
There is also a possibility to have your start number sent to your home. You have to choose this option during registration. The start packages are delivered in the two weeks before the event.

Sign up
Signing up for the Tuincentrum Leurs walk is possible from 1 April, 12:00pm.

During the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk the route will be constantly indicated by means of arrows.

Everyone who crosses the finish line within the time limits receives a beautifully designed medal as a souvenir.

Traffic controllers

The Tuincentrum Leurs Walk will be steered in the right direction by various volunteers. There will be traffic controllers on the busy crossing places to ensure a safe crossing. Always follow their advice. In addition, our mobile bike team will be on the route and will keep an eye on everything.

A starting ticket for the march can be transferred. As this is not personal, you do not need to arrange this via our transfer form.


Through our webshop you can buy various Kwaakerrun merchandise, such as T-shirts and flags. You can have the products sent to you or pick them up yourself at our office. Payment is done via iDEAL or cash at the office of the Venloop.

In case of extreme weather conditions, the organization reserves the right to cancel the event. We also ask all participants to assess the weather conditions on the day of the run and to adjust clothing, food and drinks accordingly. The organisation will always try to adapt to the weather conditions as best as possible.

See: sanitary facilities.

Main and name sponsors