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Traffic & More

Traffic & More

Although the organisation will do their utmost to keep the inconvenience to everyone to a minimum, it can happen that you experience some inconvenience during the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun. In order to inform you as much as possible about what you can expect, you will find information on this page about various issues.

Route & Courses

The route of the Tuincentrum Leurs Walking Tour on Saturday can be found on this page.

The courses of the Gipmans Plants Kwaakerrun on Sunday can be found on this page.


On Saturday it is not possible to park your car on the parking lot near the Bantuin. You can park in the parking spaces and the streets of 't Ven.

On Sunday even a part of 't Ven is closed for traffic. It is then convenient to park the car outside this area, for example at Trefcenter and walk the last part.

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