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Walking saturday 16 September


On Saturday 16 September 2023, the 9th edition of the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk will take place. You can register for this event via our registration form in the menu on the left. Registration is possible from 1 April 2022. So make sure you are there on time.

Via the left menu you can find all information about the Tuincentrum Leurs walk on September 16, 2023.

You can look in the list of participants to see who has registered.
You can also find information about the day itself, such as the route and the programme. The Walkers ABC helps you as a participant to be well prepared at the start. 
For all your other questions, please refer to the FAQ Walk or the General Conditions. 

And don't forget to get your hands on one of those beautiful Kwaakerrun walking polo shirts via the heading: walking polo shirt. 

Why walking?

  • Maybe you have been thinking that you want to start exercising more.
  • Or because, for health reasons, you don't take part (anymore) in the running events of the Gipmans Plants Kwaakerrun
  • You like to train and walk in a group 
  • You like nature
  • You want to discover some beautiful places of Venlo in a pleasant way

Everyone has his own motivation to go walking.

Distance and registration fee

The Tuincentrum Leurs Walk is 15 kilometres long. Participation costs €16,50.

Facts and figures Tuincentrum Leurs Walk

  • Along the route there will be a break with catering and toilets.
  • Various partners of our event will provide the walkers with tasty and healthy snacks along the way. Let us surprise you!
  • The walk starts and ends at the Pastoor Kierkelsplein in 't Ven.
  • The route is signposted and runs through a varied landscape, consisting of asphalt roads, unpaved roads and narrow forest paths. Be prepared and wear good footwear.

View the photos of the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk from previous years via this link.

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