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frequently asked questions atmosphere

Frequently asked questions atmosphere point

How can I festively decorate my atmosphere point?

It is possible to order balloons via this online registration form. Kwaakerrun flags or pink pennants are available at an additional cost through our webshop

Is there a prize for the best atmosphere point?

The point that creates the most atmosphere during the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun weekend has a chance of winning a great prize! So make sure you pack your bags and who knows, after the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun you might be able to enjoy a well-cared-for barbecue. Will you contribute again to the atmosphere of the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun?

Where can I stand as an atmosphere point?

We want to spread the fantastic atmosphere as much as possible over the routes. However, at some points it is not possible because of crowds and safety. You can indicate a preference and we will then communicate with you whether this is possible or we will look for an alternative.

Am I allowed to hand out flyers during the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun?

We operate a no-flyer policy. We choose this consciously, because we find it important not to create unnecessary waste. If you would like to promote your company during the Gipmans Plants Kwaakerrun weekend, we have various other possibilities. In this case, please send an email to, and we will look into the possibilities with you.

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