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Amazing atmosphere

Atmosphere is an important part of the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun. The organisation does everything in its power to put together an attractive programme. Various bands, a DJ and the festive decorations should give the runners and the public the feeling that it is also about the pleasant atmosphere in 't Ven. Even in bad weather, we would like to see the last runner being guided inside by the public.

Apart from the organised activities, residents of 't Ven can also make their own contribution during the Kwaakerrun by decorating their homes and gardens with streamers, balloons or the cheerful Kwaakerrun flag.

So if you live in the nicest, cosiest or most striking street of 't Ven and you know how to convey the atmosphere to the runners and the public, then you have a chance of winning a nice prize. So sign up quickly via this registration form.

On behalf of the organisation we wish you good luck!

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